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The Economy of Scalability

It is one thing testing a standalone application, or a monolithic website. It’s quite another testing a platform capable handling millions and trillions of events per day. In the same token, it is one thing verifying the user and install guides of a mobile app. It is quite another verifying a mammoth document of a system consisting of thousands of complex operations and endless configuration options.

Indeed, with an agile mindset much of the overheads can be dramatically reduced. In similar concepts of identifying the impact of a single class on the entire build, it is possible to analyze the impact of altering one operation on the entire document repository. But such large systems rarely have anything near good coverage of the documentation to carry out such an analysis.

Welcome to the world of non-functional testing. What comes naturally to small organizations becomes a problem in its own right in larger ones. The examples above are just two of a much wider scope: Platform combinations, multiple UI channels, operational aspects (such as EOD or backup and recovery) – all become big issues in large systems.

A few compelling ideas to handle such challenges will be presented in the upcoming 7th Agile Practitioners IL meeting on April 17th at WebCollage offices in Tel Aviv.

During this meeting Karen Schlaien will share her experience as a testing director at Amdocs.

The presentation will be followed by a cool game of testing. As always, refreshments and mingling are an integrative part of the event.

Sounds interesting? Hurry up and register here.

Participation is free of cost, but tickets are limited.

Photo by Matthew Wilkinson

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