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Agile Practitioners 2012 – Less than a week to go!

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, and for a good reason too. Together with two of my mates, Elad and Lior, we’ve been busy creating the Agile Practitioners 2012 conference.

Before I tell you more about it, I want to let you on a little secret at the end of this post, so please read on!

The conference theme is Bridging the Gap between Developers and Testers, and is intended to uncover and explore what we all love to talk about, and many of us still find so hard to practice: Having quality part of the process of developing a working, tested software, and not just the final step of the process.

So what should you expect to see at the conference?

Day 1 is be dedicated for workshops:

Voted the most influential agile testing professional of 2011, and the author of several books on the subject, Gojko Adzik will be doing his renowned “Winning Big with Specification by Example” workshop.

Regarded by clients and followers as a key contributor for success, David Evans will host an Introductory Workshop on Agile Testing

If you want to know TDD, you want to learn from Corey Haines, who will lead his “Improving your TDD” workshop.

Now for day 2:

Gojko and David will respectively present the opening and closing keynotes of the day. Corey will be talking in the track in the main hall.

You will have some tough choices to make! After the opening keynote, there are 15 talks in 3 tracks to choose from. So what will it be?

Agile Meets the Falafel-Land: Culture Clash or Common Cause? Or A practical guide: From manual to automated QA?

Why Johnny Can’t Test? Or 10 Phrases That Can Derail an Agile Project? Or maybe Corey’s Why are we doing this again?

Acceptance Testing in the Land of the Startup or Design For Testeblity is a Fraud (by our own Lior Friedman)

Weaning a Legacy Platform From Offshore QA or The Transition to Agile Testing or maybe Creating change from within – the agile developer story?

I know that in the 5th slot I will be attending Agile and the evolution. Hmmm, I’d better, because that is the session I am presenting. You will have a choice also between The Mythical Man-Month – An Agile Perspective and Elastic Leadership in the age of agile

As for the secret I wrote about, thanks to our sponsors you can register at a discount price of 15% for day 1 and 10% for day 2. But Shhhhh! Keep it to yourself (and anyone else reading our blogs…)

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