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On the merits of rituals

One moment before Passover start. This photo is probably meaningful to most of my readers. Come Passover, all food that contains, or is suspected to contain, flour and yeast is to be removed. At the workplace in many occasions it is simply covered up to avoid accidental use of such food products. At home, the religious practitioner will meticulously clean the house until all crumbs are properly removed from the house.

There are disputes as to the essence of this activity. Many seculars see this as a futile exercise. Atheists may see this as nonsense. But for the religious individual and family, this is part of the essence of being Jewish. Make no mistake, for the Jewish religious practitioner, Done is Not Done if a minute piece of Khametz, bread, cake, or even plain flour, is not taken out of the house well ahead of Passover.

As for these vending machines: Someone has to remember to take care of all the Khametz before Passover, and all the items that must be handled for this. The coffee jars, the cutlery, the bread baskets, the refrigerators, and even the vending machines.

It takes years of experience to remember to cover everything, and to develop the routine to recall and attent to everything.

And yet, when staff changes, nothing it left forgotten. Part of the routine is its craftsmanship to ensure that this is not dependent on one individual or another. Instead, it is the responsibility of the maintenance team to ensure that everything is taken care of, year after year.

Immediately after Passover, the regular coffee jars will be returned, the refrigerators will be filled with Khametz all over again, and the vending machines will also not be left unforgotten, and will be uncovered.

What are the rituals that you already do, and the ones that you wish you had, in delivering new software? What is not left forgotten even if you do it only once a year? What are the things that you tend to forget, but are important for you?

What will you do this year to get the rituals into the organizational rhythm, so you do not forget it next year?

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy holiday season to all

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  1. Lovely connection. Thanks for the post.

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